DOCE DA TIA (Doce da Casa)

Home made with: Sweetened condensed milk, eggs, coffee-soaked cookie & heavy cream.


Home made with: Chocolate, eggs & heavy cream. Served with a choice of whipped cream on top.

PUDIM FLAN (Custard Caramel Pudding)

Home made: Custard dessert (made with a cooked mixture of milk, eggs & fennel essence) with a layer of soft caramel on top.

PUDIM DE FEIJAO (Sweet Bean Pudding)

A mixture of white pureed beans, egg yolks & sugar.


A mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs and sugar; on a base made from crushed cookies. Served with whipped cream & strawberries.


Italian custard made with mascarpone, whipped cream, lady-fingers, marsala and coffee liqueur. Topped with whipped cream and ground chocolate.